Reasons for Manufacturing Diamonds in Eterneva

Eterneva was founded and launched in 2016. It is a diamond-producing company in Austin. The company’s purpose was to help people grieve and celebrate the loss of their loved ones during this pandemic period in a digital way. Its main aim was to revolutionize how people laid to rest their loved ones. The company came up with a new way to ensure that loved souls are forever remembered. To achieve this mission, it has extensively researched particular ways to handle grief and loss. More information at

The company extracts carbon from cremated ashes of loved ones or pets and then puts them under extreme pressure and heat. After heating, it forms diamonds which, after cooling, they preserve. The diamonds are manufactured to connect the bereaved with their loved ones. The company is working to boost its level of production. To achieve this, they have raised 3 million dollars, set to enlarge the lab facility, and equip them with modern equipment. This process will increase its production to 75 diamonds annually. Eterneva has introduced researchers and investors to partner with Baylor University for extensive research in diamond production as part of the change. The organization has also introduced new leaders, Rob Kranenburgo and David Sweet, to help in bringing change.

It is jointly working with Phaneuf home of the deceased and the center for Crematorium. They are both working on introducing different measures to honor the deceased. The partnership targets the bereaved in New Hampshire and Vermont, where the Phaneuf Funeral Homes is located. They aim to show gratitude to those looking for better ways to honor their relatives.

According to further research, diamonds are rated to be the most precious jewelry as they help those affected solve severe griefs that can lead to depression. They are small and portable and act as a physical reminder for a life lived. Learn more:

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