Robinson Helicopter Flies With Forward Thinking

Robinson HelicopterIn the summer of 1973, Frank Robinson founded his lifelong dream: Robinson Helicopter Company. Frank founded the company on the idea of small, lower-cost helicopters, while striving for excellence and an ever evolving product. A child of the Great Depression, Frank Robinson had been interested in helicopters since a young age, almost the entirety of his adult education focusing on design and study of helicopters. The full extent of his career centered around innovation in his life’s work.

In 2010, Frank retired and handed the reins of Robinson Helicopter over to his son, Kurt Robinson, keeping the business in the family and ensuring that the quality continues on its ascent. The current acting president strives to keep his father’s dream alive, guaranteeing that the innovative technology reaches, or even surpasses, its full potential. In addition to this, the company is proud that many of Robinson Helicopter Company’s aircrafts from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s are still running, showing that craftsmanship is paramount for this family-owned business.

Keeping to this theme of superior caliber parts and production, the company manufactures all parts on-site and inspects all pieces before and after they’re crafted into one of the helicopters. Employing highly skilled workers in these factories ensures proper care, while also performing regular factory overhauls of older models. The company has over 400 dealers and aircraft servicing shops all over the world, promoting maintenance and excellence wherever it might be needed.

Something else that makes Robinson’s company stand out is the dedication to safety and education. Pilots and teams are offered monthly courses in proper flight safety, while technicians receive detailed training in maintenance for detailed helicopter upkeep. Kurt Robinson has a place on the International Helicopter Safety Team.

Robinson Helicopter

The CEO is optimistic about the future of the company, citing the amount of orders in the beginning of 2021 being just as numerous as 2020 with growing prospects through the year. The positivity for Robinson isn’t just local, viewing the bigger picture on a global scale. One concept the Robinson Company tries to maintain that makes their sales so booming is the desire to keep the cost of civilian helicopters under control, knowing that not everyone can operate on an unlimited budget. Commitment to affordability while maintaining safety and quality make Robinson’s company one of the more attractive options.

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