Ross Levinsohn Steps Boldly into New Position as Maven’s CEO

Ross LevinsohnAcross a 35-year career, Ross Levinsohn has consistently been a key player in the respected companies that he has worked for and in the media technology industry overall. Recently, Levinsohn took a big step in his career by assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer at Maven. However, well before he became a reputable industry leader, he worked hard to earn a Communications degree from American University. In 1985, he walked the stage to complete his degree and started a lengthy and influential career.

After earning his degree, Ross Levinsohn progressed through a series of exciting positions several notable companies before he took powerful leadership positions at major corporations. His initial work was with Whisper Advisors, The Boston Group and CBS Sportsline. From there, he transitioned into the role of Chief Executive Officer at Guggenheim Digital Media. At the time, some of Guggenheim Digital Media’s many affiliates were AdWeek, Billboard Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter.

Fox Interactive Media then tapped Ross Levinsohn to stand over the company as President. He spent many years with Fox Interactive Media, and some of his most notable achievements were to affiliate this media giant with major websites. Some of these websites are for entities like Thryv, Yahoo!, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News and the Chicago Tribune.

Now, Levinsohn has a new leadership role as Chief Executive Officer at Maven. Maven has an important position in the media tech industry by serving more than 300 brands. Specifically, it delivers back-end digital support and monetization services to its clients.

To date, Ross Levinsohn has had a solid and positive impact on his industry. With his passion for pursuing major goals fearlessly and his strong work ethic, he has what it takes to find professional success at Maven and wherever else his career path takes him.

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