SeaWorld Shark Research Trips

The famous SeaWorld ocean animal amusement park has decided to team up with Ocearch to research shark reproduction. Dr. Gisele Montano is a veterinarian from SeaWorld that has opted to be a part of the team up to research sharks and their reproduction even further. Dr. Gisele Montano actually focuses her studies on animal reproduction, so for her this research with Ocearch is a bit of a wish fulfillment so she can study sharks even more using information she already has to help her expand upon with the new information the mission will collect. Learn more on their Twitter for more updates.

During the research trip Dr. Gisele Montano gathered information and samples on a staggering 20 different species of sharks. This information will be used to understand more about the mating grounds, feeding grounds, and the nursery territory for young sharks in the wild. This information should help researchers understand how to keep up the survival of these different species of sharks in a world where that is sometimes a struggle. The oceans have changed a lot and aren’t anywhere near as safe a place to thrive as they once were for many different species of sea life. Understanding how to help protect sharks and their breeding grounds allows for more sharks to be born and continue to thrive in the world.

During the research trip Dr. Gisele Montano specifically worked with doing ultrasounds to examine the different sharks and see what their reproduction systems looked like. Knowing what the reproduction organs look like help people to know when a shark is mature enough to reproduce and what that looks like exactly.

The research trip focused on studying white sharks to understand if there were more ways to keep the shark breed healthy, alive, and thriving. The trip gave them plenty to go off of to work with to understand their species and what we can do to help the white shark thrive. See more detailed information at

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