The Innovation Of CEO Laura Rea Dickey

When Laura Rea Dickey was brought on as a consultant for Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Inc., her husband’s BBQ franchise, little did she know that her understanding of marketing, technology, and innovation would lead it to becoming the world’s top BBQ franchise.

Laura Rea Dickey’s first insight as a consultant was that the franchise, and the fast-casual food industry as whole, was sorely lacking in incorporating technology into their business models. Due to this insight, she was made CIO of the company, and set about revolutionizing the way it did business.

Becoming CEO

The integration of new technology into Dickey’s business model was such a great idea and so successful that Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth was made CEO of the company. Under her leadership the franchise began to focus on using technology such as artificial intelligence to analyze consumer behavior, and make predictions so that Dickey’s could better serve them. This customer-oriented mindset made it much easier to connect with customers and create a loyal following.

Building a Franchise

Laura Rea Dickey knew that building a successful franchise was largely in the hands of their franchisees. This meant that tight control would be needed in order to keep the brand strong.

To facilitate this, she created the “Barbecue U” training program that would ensure that all franchisees were on the same page, and offering the same quality of service that is expected of them. This created a stronger brand, and helped Dickey’s to become the #1 barbeque franchise that it is today.

Profile of Laura Rea Dickey

Before she became the CIO, and eventually CEO, of Dickey’s, Laura Rea Dickey earned an undergraduate degree from the Texas Christian University. Laura Rea Dickey work for Dickey’s has won her many awards including the “Top Woman in Technology” by the Dallas Business Journal in 2015, and the “Top 500 CEOs” by D Magazine in 2019. Visit this page for more information.


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