The QI Group, and Vijay Eswaran: Examining the Company

Vijay Eswaran is a global entrepreneur with a vast array of businesses. The first company he started as an international trading company called QI group has grown since 1982. He also founded Shangri-La hotels and resorts, which operates over 60 properties worldwide. Today, his vision for the future includes taking advantage of the global trends towards healthy lifestyles by opening more fitness centers around Asia and expanding his hotel chain internationally.

Vijay is the CEO and Chairman of QI Group, a conglomerate with interests in Healthcare Facilities Management (HFMC), Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls (QI Lifestyle Holdings Pte Ltd), and Hotel Investments (Shangri-La Asia Limited). He is also the CEO and Chairman of Vijayaratnam Foundation, a philanthropic organization that focuses on children’s welfare. In addition to his business acumen, he is well known as an international motivational speaker for his visionary outlook on life. See full profile of Vijay Eswaran at

Before it gained independence, Vijay received initial exposure to entrepreneurship from his father, a successful businessman in Sri Lanka. Before moving to Malaysia, his father owned a successful trading company in Sri Lanka, where he continued his entrepreneurial activities.

Vijay was educated at the University of Madras and later moved to Canada to get an MBA degree from Queen’s University (Kingston). However, Vijay dropped out after three months due to financial constraints and started selling perfume on the Malaysian roads.

Vijay’s international trading company, QI Group, was founded in 1982 with a starting capital of US$ 200 (Rs 12000). His first business venture proved to be successful beyond his expectations as it yielded good returns for investors & shareholders within two years of its inception. Vijay Eswaran then went on to build a global business empire.

Vijay also owns the famous Shangri-La hotels and resorts, which operate over 60 properties throughout the Asia Pacific. He is passionate about fitness & wellness and has opened several gyms across major cities in India under his QI Lifestyle brand name.

His retail outlets like Q Store sell personal care & household items.

Vijay has won several awards and accolades for his business acumen, including Asia’s Best CEO, awarded by World Finance (2000). Vijay Eswaran is also an active philanthropist who supports many charitable organizations in Malaysia & India to help underprivileged children achieve their full potential through education & healthcare initiatives.

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