Wes Edens Takes Bucks To Victory

Wes Edens has a long history of enjoying the sport of basketball. He first found the game to be exhilarating while attending college at Oregon State. Wes Edens would attend every game he could to root on his school’s team to victory. Edens originally spent his freshman year at Montana State in 1979, before he decided to transfer to Oregon State to finish his education. Although Wes Edens truly enjoyed college basketball, he also found a new love for the NBA, during his time in college. Edens also has a love for football, and his first experience looking into the purchase of a professional team was an NFL team. After spending time looking into an NFL team, Edens realized his true passion was with basketball and pushed towards the purchase of an NBA team. 


Edens admits he didn’t have a great understanding of how the business side of the NBA worked, but he certainly wanted to find out. After spending a long weekend with the administration of the Milwaukee Bucks, Edens felt he had been caught up on the most important business factors. Edens saw the Bucks as a wonderful franchise with unlimited potential. 


From day one of Eden’s ownership of the Bucks, the team began performing better. Edens sees himself as being in the right place when he needs to be, to make great decisions. Eden bought into the team just before a massive television contract of nine years was completed for the sum of 24 million dollars. The Bucks had come off several losing seasons and were one of the worst-performing teams in the NBA. However, Edens saw potential with new members on the team and within a few years, the Bucks would go on to win their first Playoff battle, since 2001. 

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