What You Need to Know About Gordonstoun

Dr. Kurt Hahn founded the Gordonstoun school in 1934.

It is one of the best schools in Moray, Scotland.

This public school accommodates day school students and boarding students.

The pupils studying in the Gordonstoun school have ages between five and nineteen.

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The staff members of this school are approximately a hundred.

There are two other Gordonstoun schools:

Gordonstoun’s Preparatory School and Gordonstoun International Summer School.

The Gordonstoun’s Preparatory School was founded in 1936 and has approximately a hundred and twenty pupils ranging between six and thirteen.

The Gordonstoun International Summer School was founded in 1976 and has approximately seven thousand students.

This school has made it possible for pupils to train co-curricular activities outside the normal academic learning—the school majors in educating pupils on arts and crafts, sports, and adventures.

The ages of the pupils in the Gordonstoun International Summer School ranges from eight to sixteen.

The Gordonstoun School results show that the teachers and the tutors have made it their interest to help the pupils have recommendable performances in and out of the classes.

Most pupils from the Gordonstoun school pass their exams and further their education in good universities worldwide.

The excellent performance of the pupils from the Gordonstoun school has made it popular and gained a reputation worldwide.

The school has been privileged to have television appearances.

At one time, the school was documented in a television show.

The documentation revealed how the Gordonstoun school has a good management staff.

This school has impacted all the pupils with important core values such as team-building, respect, and hard work.

The Gordonstoun school is a school whose objective has been to inspire students globally and help them become the better version of themselves.

All the teachers and tutors are dedicated to helping the pupils have smooth learning by providing their time and attention to their concerns in different academic matters.

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