Why Gordonstoun School is Investing in Trustworthiness as an Important Component of Character Education

Trustworthiness is not a virtue that is generally supposed to be taught in schools.

This is a personal character that one must develop while in the community.

For an individual to live in the community in harmony with other individuals, they must consistently demonstrate that they can be trusted to accomplish the roles they have been given.

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Failure to accomplish such roles will lead to a breach of trust among those involved.

However, there is a belief that society has failed in ensuring that the people it is currently bringing up have failed to consistently demonstrate that they have what it takes to be trusted.

There are some major questions trending in such areas, which have already created a huge wedge in the community.

That is why some of the progressive schools in the United Kingdom, like Gordonstoun School, have already introduced trustworthiness as an important lesson in their character education approaches.

Generally, traditional schools in the United Kingdom have never been focused on matters outside education and traditional curriculum.

However, recently, it has become evident that such facilities need to ensure that they are expanding their roles so that they can offer what is already missing in the community.

Gordonstoun School seems to be the aggressive institution that has been at the center of such strategic approaches in the entire country.

In the view of Gordonstoun School, trustworthiness might not be seen as essential incorporation that schools should be offering to their kids.

This means that there are other important duties that such schools should ensure they are undertaking.

However, there is a sense that the schools have to increase their mandate within the community and offer some of the essential lessons that are already missing.

Offering important lessons on trustworthiness can help address some of the challenges that the world’s communities face.

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