Why Robert Kraft Wants Gillette Stadium To Host The Expanded 2026 FIFA World Cup


Revamping the World Cup tournament has always been a major point of discussion among football fans around the world. There have been some concerns that some countries around the globe that are not football-centered will never get an opportunity to participate in such events. That is why there have been some calls to ensure that the tournament increases the number of participating nations with the hope of adding participants.

2026 FIFA World Cup is expected to be the first event that will have additional participants. There have been suggestions that the number of countries that are likely to participate will be more than forty. This means that more than ten teams will be added to the entire list. There will be some additional teams from African, Latin regions, and Asia, which are predominantly underrepresented. In this case, Robert Kraft believes that more stadiums are needed to accommodate the increased number of teams in the event.

That is why Robert Kraft has been one of the few stadiums managers around the globe who is already pitching to have his stadium considered for selection. Gillette Stadium seems to be much better than other stadiums in North America. However, the fact that the stadium has what it takes for consideration does not mean that it will be directly considered for holding the expanded World Cup event.Visit this page for more information.

Robert Kraft is working hard to ensure that he is already known by those who are looking to undertake the applications from various stadiums in the region. According to Robert Kraft, there are some standout stadiums in the region that will be very effective in holding such important football matches. However, only a few of them have been able to meet the basic requirements at the moment. Gillette Stadium currently meets the basic requirements for one of the best football facilities in the region.


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