Why Ross Levinsohn Was Selected To Be Sports Illustrated’s CEO

Ross LevinsohnSince October 2019, Ross Levinsohn has been the top executive for Sports Illustrated. He was hired primarily for his ability to help revive legacy brands that have struggled to stay relevant in the 21st century. Levinsohn has also shown an ability to grow brands such as Fox Interactive Media from scratch. In addition to his role at Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn has also been the CEO of Maven since August 2020.

Ross Levinsohn Has Created a New Culture at Sports Illustrated

For much of the previous two decades, Sports Illustrated was trying to grapple with the migration from print content to digital content. Like most publications, Sports Illustrated tried to cut costs by downsizing its writing staff and outsourcing content creation to freelance writers. However, when Levinsohn took over, he decided to hire a new staff of dedicated journalists who had a track record of crafting compelling narratives that readers would relate to on some level.

Print Content Can Survive in the 21st Century

Throughout his career, Ross Levinsohn has been a big fan of print content. Although he’s aware that digital channels are important, it doesn’t mean that people don’t want to read a book or magazine that they can hold in their hands. For many readers, it’s hard to truly connect with an author if they are reading text on an electronic device.

Levinsohn’s Work With Sports Illustrated Landed Him the Job at Maven

Maven is the company that publishes each physical issue of Sports Illustrated, and the company also provides marketing and other distribution tools to help the publication’s content reach as broad an audience as possible. Ross Levinsohn was hired as the publishing company’s CEO after its founder left because of differences with the rest of the leadership team.

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