You Don’t Have To Spend The Whole Day On Your Screen, Dave Antrobus

Dave AtrobusLike other people in England, Dave Antrobus, the co-founder of Fresh Thinking Group has also been affected by Covid-19. Because of the surge in the number of cases in the country, the government as well as the health department has announced a third lockdown. Thanks to the lockdown. Many people have now been forced to stay indoors more than any other time in the history of England. As such, a majority of people find that spending time on the screen, whether it is watching TV, following a movie on a routine basis or even posting and chatting with friends and relatives on social media.

According to Dave Antrobus of Fresh Thinking Group, it is now the norm for many people in various corners of England to practice binge scroll through the social media feeds. While there is no harm in checking what friends and families post or say on social media, Dave Antrobus, the co-owner of Fresh Thinking Group now argues that the recent report by Ofcom is shocking. According to Ofcom, an average Briton used an extra 60 minutes a day during the initial lockdown. The sixty plus minutes were not used to do any meaningful tasks online. In fact, Fresh Thinking Group co-founder Dave Antrobus says that the report shows that all the time spent online during that first lockdown was purely for browsing other people’s stories. With those statistics, the co-founder says a lot of valuable time has been lost. “Many people may think that an hour is little time. However, that is just the least. If you add 60 minutes to the 3 hours that the firm said an average Brit used before the pandemic, that would mean that now, an average Briton spends four hours on their screen every day,” says Fresh Thinking Group co-owner Dave Antrobus.

In addition, the communications regulator pointed out that the video calls to families and friends have doubled in the lockdown. “If what Ofcom is saying is true, then it means that as a country, we are headed in the wrong direction,” said Dave Antrobus, one of the founders of Fresh Thinking Group.

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